Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Virtual Scarf Party

So many of you have asked about the beautiful pink and white scarf nicknamed the "Ronda Scarf" that you've seen pictured on Facebook so I want to take a moment and tell you the story behind the scarf.
 Donnie Sasser, owner of Two Blessings Gift Boutique and Mastermind of the Ronda Scarf

On the evening of Thursday, January 22 I had already crawled into bed when I read a message from my friend Donnie Sasser saying he had left me a gift at my front door. Donnie is a lifelong friend who currently owns a fabulous gift shop in Montgomery, Two Blessings Gift Boutique. I opened the package to find a pretty pink and white scarf inside.  I had already lost my hair to chemo, so I was happy to get a scarf to tie around my bald head. I put the scarf by my bedside and fell asleep.
The next morning I awoke and as I laid in bed gathering my strength I picked up my phone.  As I looked on Facebook I saw that I had been tagged in several pictures.  Each of these pictures was of a woman wearing the same scarf I had received the night before.  And they were calling it the "Ronda Scarf"!  It took me a few minutes to unfurl the mystery, but when I realized Donnie was behind it all I went to his page and saw his post...a post I had never seen because he unfriended me on FB!  Smart guy. 
TOP SECRET! Many of you know Ronda McCaul Walker - we have been friends for 30 + years and she is bravely and publicly fighting breast cancer. There are surely tough times ahead and I have a way you can show your support. After working closely with vendors and other friends, we have a Ronda scarf. We are selling these at Two Blessings Gift Boutique for $7 ($10 to mail). This is at cost, + tax (she is a Commissioner) and a portion of the sale will go to an organization of her choice. There will be no profit from the sale of this scarf. The scarves are due any day and we would like everyone to have one by January 23rd. On that day, I'd like her Facebook page to be flooded with pictures of people wearing their scarf! Again, I'm trying to keep this as quiet as possible and a surprise, but she is clever. Please feel free to share thru private message. I'd really like this to go way beyond our mutual friends and involve as many people as possible. If you would like to reserve one, please send me a message and we will contact you as soon as they arrive. If you would like one mailed, please send your contact information via private message or by phone at 334-647-1745. Thank you all!
It was a virtual scarf party! Once I had it all figured out I just sat back and enjoyed the encouragement. Women I had known my entire life were wearing the scarf and women I've never met were wearing the scarf.  I was simply overwhelmed.  At one point Donnie said he sold 100 scarves in one day!  Eventually, the vendor he bought the scarves from sold out and could find no more of them on the planet!  So Donnie put on a search for a "Ronda II" scarf which looks very similar to the original. And more posts popped up on FB and more women were wearing the scarf.  One Sunday at church I was wearing my scarf around my head and someone that I don't know stopped me and said, "Hey, is that one of those Ronda Scarves?  I have one too!"  It was so cool to see how something as simple as a scarf could bind so many people together.  I have so many pictures of friends wearing the scarf, here are a few examples:
 The Honorable Lisa Merkel, Mayor of Herndon, Virginia wearing the scarf
 Friends from work Tonya and Jane wearing the scarf
 A precious lady I've never met - Mona - who just lost her husband to cancer wearing the scarf
 A great group of ladies from Pike Road, Alabama wearing their scarves
My fabulous friend Katie wearing the scarf in Washington, DC
And this is how I wear my Ronda Scarf

But all of this is not simply about a scarf.  And it certainly isn't about one women in Montgomery, Alabama with breast cancer.  This is about friends and strangers sharing in the suffering of another.  This is about the countless people who have personally been impacted by cancer.  And this is about prayer.
There were women who bought the scarf that have never met me, but they have endured chemotherapy, radiation, surgery.  Some women who bought the scarf have a friend, spouse, sibling, or parent who died from cancer...or survived cancer.  Women who bought the scarf understand the importance of bearing another's burdens and the power of praying without ceasing for their own struggles and the struggles of others.
Thank you Donnie Sasser for having a heart to encourage a friend!
If you want to purchase a "Ronda Scarf" please visit the store in person, you won't be disappointed with all of the fabulous gift offerings in addition to the scarf, or go to the Two Blessings Gift Boutique Facebook page or call the store directly at 334-647-1745.  Remember, Donnie is selling the scarves at cost ($7), he's not making a dime on them.  He is happy to ship to you as well ($10).
Bear one another's burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2

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